Will North Pole Express Kapiti 2022 be cancelled due to COVID-19?
The North Pole Express can still run under current Alert Level 2 restrictions and under the Orange Traffic Light Setting. Each of our carriages have their own QR code, entry, exit and bathroom, carriages hold under 50 passengers and we have reduced seats available for sale to ensure social distancing requirements can be met. Depending on restrictions at the time, the experience may differ from previous years and passengers may not be able to disembark at the North Pole due to social distancing mandates on large groups. Our team are following best practice event guidelines and all guidance as issued by the NZ government.

If you are outside of Kapiti travelling to attend the North Pole Express Kapiti 2022 and are unable to leave your area due to Covid-induced lockdowns (Alert level 3 or 4) please contact us by email team@ontrackevents.co.nz.


How long is the train ride?
Our experiences vary in times, please check the event for information.

Seating is arranged in a configuration of 4 seats as per normal train travel. Our team always endeavour to ensure those who book more, or less, than 4 seats are seated in close proximity to each other to ensure they can enjoy the experience together.

Seating for the Christchurch Wizarding Express is a combination of bench seats and configuration of 4 seats, depending on carriage.

We have a large group. How do we guarantee we will be able to sit together?
Groups wishing to sit together should purchase under the same order. All tickets purchased in the same order will be seated in a group within close proximity to each other.

Do we get food? Is there anything to eat on board?
Availability of food and beverages varies with each experience and is as advertised. Due to the volume of passengers On Track Events are unable to provide food and beverages that cater to food allergies and intolerances. Passengers with food allergies or intolerances are welcome to bring their own food and drink onboard if required.

Is there anything to do while waiting for the train?
At the station there are always opportunities for you to interact with our cast prior to departure.

Is it enclosed? Do you go in bad weather? What amenities are on board?
The train is fully enclosed, the services depart regardless of weather. There are bathroom facilities onboard the train.

Do we need a reservation?
YES. Tickets sell out very quickly for our events. No ticket sales are available on event days.

Ticket Changes
In the event that a passenger wishes to change their ticket to an alternate time or date this will only be possible if availability is confirmed by On Track Events. All ticket changes attract an administration fee of $5 per ticket.

If the date we want is Sold Out is there a Wait List?
Unfortunately no, there are no Wait Lists.

What are the prices? What age is a child?
Ticket prices vary depending on the experience and are sold on a per seat basis. There is no differentiation between and adult and child fare.

Wizarding Academy: Tickets from $55 with the exception of children under 2 who sit on a parents lap. Please note that due to limited seating the child must remain on the lap of an adult and not occupy a seat.

North Pole Express: Ticket prices from $79 as per website, with the exception of children under 2 who sit on a parents lap. Please note that due to limited seating the child must remain on the lap of an adult and not occupy a seat.

For safety reasons all children 13 and under must be accompanied by a supervising, fare paying adult.

Are there any discounts? Where do we buy tickets?
There are no discounts for our experiences. Tickets can only be purchased through our website. No ticket outlets or companies can legally sell tickets.

Where do I pick up tickets?
Tickets are emailed, these should be presented at our station 20 minutes prior to departure for North Pole Express and 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure for Wizarding Academy Express. Please be prepared to show a copy of your confirmation email and a valid photo ID.

Are carriages suitable for a wheelchair user?
Due to the age and design of the carriages it is not possible to board whist seated in a wheelchair as the entrance is stairs and the doorways are very narrow.  However we will be pleased to convey passengers of limited mobility whenever possible provided they can step onto the train from the platform, climbing a step and move to their reserved seats with the help of an able bodied carer.  Our crew would assist guiding the passenger up the step onto the train and arrange for the storage of the wheelchair in the guards van.  The wheelchair must be able to be folded up and cannot be used on the train.  We request that you advise us of your needs BEFORE booking so that we can provide information and appropriate assistance.  Sorry we are unable to convey mobility scooters.

Please email us team@ontrackevents.co.nz for more information.

Are pushchairs allowed on the train?
As long as the pushchair is foldable then it will not be a problem to bring it on the train.  It will be stored in the luggage area/guards van.

Is smoking allowed on the train?
No. By law smoking is not allowed on the train. This restriction applies to all areas of the train including outside on the open end balconies.

Refunds & Conditions of travel
When a booking is accepted passengers are bound by the conditions of travel.

Heart of Kapiti Ltd, 707 Operations, Vline, Steam Incorporated, KiwiRail, Federation of Rail Organisations of NZ, bus companies and venue owners accept no responsibility for loss or damage to passengers and their belongings.

The organisers reserve the right to substitute motive power or rolling stock if operational needs require it.

The organisers accept no responsibility for variations to any arrival or departure times. However, every attempt will be made to keep passengers fully informed of any alterations to the schedule.

No refunds will be given in the event of breakdown or delay after joining the train.

In the event of cancellation by intending passengers, no refunds will be made.

All sales are final and no refunds given.